​Seahawks' Earl Thomas Breaks Leg, Ponders Retirement

Earl Thomas suffered a broken leg against the Panthers last night and tweeted during the game about the possibility of retirement.
December 5, 2016, 3:32pm

After sustaining a broken leg Sunday night in a mid-air collision with teammate Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas did not wait for the end of the game to let the world know how he was feeling: like his career was over:

This game has been so good to me no regrets.. A lot is running through my mind including retirement thanks for all the prayers.
— Earl Thomas (@Earl_Thomas) December 5, 2016

In a freak moment of happenstance, Thomas crashed into Chancellor's leg in the second quarter of Seattle's 40-7 demolition of Carolina. Thomas, a five-time Pro Bowler who has been one of the best players in a frequently dominant unit, has a break in his left tibia, and probably will miss the rest of the season. The enormity of the moment understandably got to Thomas, and he fired off a tweet from the locker room implying retirement. He's just 27 and such a move seems rash, but pro football is a rough game and more and more players are retiring earlier than expected, including Thomas's former teammate Marshawn Lynch, who happened to be on the Seattle sideline last night. So he very well could have meant what he said, and he could stick to it.

He also wants his teammate to pick him up some dinner now, too:

Kam you owe me a steak . Haha
— Earl Thomas (@Earl_Thomas) December 5, 2016

Gallows humor is the best humor.

Also: The NFL, the Bill Lumbergh of professional sports leagues, probably will obnoxiously fine Thomas. Since 2009, the league has banned in-game tweets.