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VICE Sports World News Roundup: August 2, 2016

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Good morning, America. It's August 2, 2016. Welcome to the VICE Sports World News Roundup. Be sure to stop by every morning for more headlines from around the world.

I hate slideshow lists, but Talksport made a slideshow list ranking the net spending of the top English clubs since 1992-93.


SCENES! Ugly brawl broke between — Ahdaaf (@ahdaafme)August 2, 2016

Adam Hanga, a basketball player, will move from Baskonia to Barcelona, where he will play for the club's basketball team. In exchange, Barcelona is sending two B-team soccer players to Alaves, a team owned by Josean Querejeta, who also owns Baskonia. Weird!


Here are a bunch of NBC execs explaining why the Olympics won't be broadcast live in the US.

Bob and Mike Bryan, the extremely dominant U.S. doubles tennis players, won't be going to Rio because of health concerns.

The fix might be in for Olympic boxing.

Photo of the Day

Here's a guy working on the roof of the Olympic Tennis Center in Rio.


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