This story is over 5 years old.


Rugby Player Literally Runs Through Brick Wall (On Purpose)

Man constructs brick wall so that he can run through it to impress prospective rugby teams and earn a spot on a team.

Amazingly, this video is the single dumbest and also single most satisfying thing I have seen in ages. This man is a prospective rookie in the NRL—the rugby league covering Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and neighboring islands—and rather than display his weightlifting prowess for teams, he decided to film himself literally running through a brick wall. It can't be emphasized enough, this man and his friends built a wall out of bricks (sans mortar) so that he could run through it. And he did.

I can't for the life of me imagine why so many of his friends allowed this to happen, nor can I comprehend the application of the statement "it's what's up here [indicating brain] that counts" to this specific situation, but holy shit look at that guy run through a fucking brick wall! Even better: he's tossed a brick like it's a rugby ball to add to the realism of the scene.