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UFO Appears At French Railway Station

British designer Ross Lovegrove’s UFO installation has arrived at Lille Flandres station.
October 9, 2012, 12:19pm

UFOs—they always turn up in unexpected places: the American Midwest, the Welsh countryside, railway stations in Lille, France—although that last one, strictly speaking, isn’t actually a UFO even though it’s shiny and silver and saucer-shaped. Instead, it’s an installation called UFO from British designer Ross Lovegrove, which hovers over travellers heads as they go about their business at the Lille Flandres station.


The aluminum craft has been set up by lille3000 as part of Fantastic 2012 and comes complete with a band of futuristic blue LEDs that glow from its underside and give it that all important alien spaceship look. And, not only does it look all spooky and unidentified floating above commuters’ heads, but it even has a tractor beam that can shine down on people and freak them the hell out.

Photographs: Simona Cupoli

[via Architizer]