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The Dark Arts And Giant Rabbits Feature In The Shins' New Music Video

Directed by Jamie Caliri, this stop-motion video is a little bit Tim Burton-esque.

The Shins new stop-motion music video for their track “The Rifle’s Spiral” channels the dark, but magical world of an old Tim Burton movie. Directed by Emmy-award winner Jamie Caliri, the video follows a young female magician who conjures up chairs from nothing and steals a rabbit from three sinister-looking gents—the sort of gentlemen who conceal pieces of string behind an eyepatch.

The thing is, if you go stealing from guys like that, chances are that you’ll end up thrown in a sack and propelled into the sky. So thank heavens for giant, fire-breathing rabbits who are always on hand to help when you need them. Caliri used his own image capture software Dragonframe to make the video, which also comes in a 3D version on Nintendo’s 3DS.