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The Creators Project Spotlight Week 2

Highlighting the most innovative and inspiring creations submitted by our readers.
July 23, 2010, 2:44pm

The Creators Project is a celebration of creativity and innovation in a digital age. One of the best things about technology is that, with a little inspiration, it empowers anyone to create something new. Each week we put out a call for your creative submissions—your experimental films, software art, animations, music mash-ups—then highlight the best of the best right here on The Creators Project Spotlight. Check out the works below and let us know what you think.

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Unicorn Kid LIVE @ T in The Park by Craig Rooney

What can we say? We’re suckers for a good electro/chiptunes track and this submission from Craig Rooney is a really well-done video for Unicorn Kid’s “Dream Catcher,” shot at Scotland’s T in the Park festival just a few weeks ago. Something about this video just screams “epic”—maybe it’s the smoke, the blinding strobes, the adoring fans, the fuzzy bunny costume…it all just works, you know?

2010 Animation Reel by David Montgomery

There’s something a bit macabre about these animations from Florida-based artist David Montgomery. The morphing images appear to pulsate, like a beating heart, yet at the same time look as if they’re dying and decomposing. Montgomery uses objects found in nature—flowers, plants, seashells—to create a sequence of digital captures exploring the patterns formed by the objects’ differences and similarities. The end result, while strangely beautiful, looks like something you might see on a bad acid trip…not that we’d know anything about that.

Cymatica by Benlloyd Goldstein

Lest you think we’re lacking in substance, here’s some brain food for you to munch on. This submission from experiential spatial designer Benlloyd Goldstein was part of his architectural masters thesis. According to Goldstein, it’s an “investigation exploring the synthesis of spatial proportion and form generated from sound…an attempt to interpret the intelligent proportions of waves we commonly experience as sound into expressions of formal proportion in architecture.” Yeah. Whatever that means. All we know is it looks pretty amazing.

Which creation was your favorite? Let us know below.

Want to see your work up here? Submit your creations to and check back next Friday to see if you've made the cut.