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Jheez! Did Drake Just Debut a New Track Featuring Giggs?

The new song was first heard at last night's 'Boy Meets World' tour date in Amsterdam.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Drake's love of the UK is well known. There's his remix of Dave's "Wanna Know". There's his BBK tattoo. There's his inexplicable attendance at Wimbledon. And now, it appears, there's his love of Giggs, who seems to have jumped on a new (and as yet unreleased) track with the ever thirsty, yet never quenched 6 God.

At January 28's Amsterdam opening night for the 'Boy Meets World' European tour, Drake premiered the track, which pretty clearly features the London rapper, on a verse that sounds as if it goes characteristically hard. The Boy Meets World tour comes to the UK today (January 30), so if we're lucky the track may get a live outing with an appearance from Giggs himself. If we're really lucky, we might get Dave for "Wanna Know" as well. Hear the track and get a preview of Drake's tour staging below:

(Image via YouTube)