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Boris Chimp 504: AV Duo Takes Us On An Intergalactic Expedition

Exploring audio synthesis and graphical languages aboard the Pop Destroyer.

Prepare to board the humming spacecraft of Boris Chimp 504, piloted by Portuguese graphic designer Rodrigo Carvalho (visuals) and his crew member, the musician, sound engineer and producer Miguel Neto (audio). Together they explore the dual dynamics of the audiovisual realm from the cosmic plains of… Porto and Barcelona. A link to the duo’s website landed (it’s absolutely necessary to continue with the sci-fi/space travel metaphors) from the vastness of cyberspace into our inbox and we launched a manned ship (me) to investigate.


Boris Chimp 504 performing with Mr. Gasparov

What we found was worth bringing back to earth. These guys stand in opposition to the upbeat popification of our senses and so they’ve brought their good ship Pop Destroyer to come save our senses. Emanating from its onboard speakers is a slow drone of bass and minimalist machine sounds that you could imagine hearing at a disco that might be held in the engine room of an interstellar spaceship. Performed live behind a bank of Apple products anda tangle of wires, it becomes a reactive AV set where the exploratory music is matched by a landscape of real-time visuals generated by Quartz Composer and VDMX.

Their name, in case you were wondering, is taken from fictional chimp cosmonaut Boris 504 who, in a fictional 1969, was sent on a mission to the moon and never came back. The story was a satire of Soviet space history written by US space historian Dwayne Allen Day. But, like all good satire, it was taken as truth at the time, and the rest isn’t history.

0105 – DEATH ON THE MOON by Boris Chimp 504