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A Glitch For Every Day Of The Year

Year of the Glitch is a systematic exploration of all forms of digital mishaps.

Without much ado, Tumblr has become a haven for all those who create, love or make a living from art in all its forms (especially for those who like photoshopping images of North Korea’s late leader behind the DJ decks). American artist Philip Stearns has made fruitful use of the image sharing platform's reputation for niche content with a blog devoted to all things glitch—those digital mishaps that make for great abstract images.


Year of The Glitch is not exactly a blog, but rather an ongoing ambitious project that is “exploring various manifestations of glitches (intentional and unintentional) produced by electronic systems.” Every day of 2012, Stearns posts a new original piece of media—be it image, video or sound file—culled from a range of sources like digital cameras, video capture devices, electronic displays, scanners, manipulated or corrupted files, skipping CDs, disrupted digital transmissions, etc. To help understand the method behind the malfunction, each artwork comes with a detailed label that describes the material used and the origin of the glitch.

To this day there are 25 available artworks, which you can see here. So if you’re a connoisseur in the art of imperfection, you might like to check it out.