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Time Travel Back to Studio 54 With Blondie’s Brand New Single “Fun”

It's the first new track from their upcoming album "Pollinator," due May 5.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

Bloody hell lads, this is quite a turn up for the books isn't it? Real life, bona fide, in the flesh legends Blondie have today released a new single "Fun," and also announced the May 5 release of their eleventh album Pollinator, so please consider this your official notice to get your CBGB's t-shirt out because you will be extremely needing it in a few months' time.

Produced by John Congleton (who has worked with St. Vincent and David Byrne, amongst others, so no big deal), Pollinator includes tracks written by Sia and Charli XCX, and is described as "the continuation of a 40+ year musical conversation that Blondie started," If that conversation sounds anything like the lead single, I very much want to butt in. "Fun" is vintage Blondie, channelling the airy, disco-ball conjuring sound at the heart of tracks like "Heart of Glass" and "Rapture" and filtering it through the sharp production capabilities afforded to musicians now we live in the future. Also, side note: Debbie Harry is SEVENTY-ONE-YEARS-OLD and her voice is still this good. We are not worthy. Listen to "Fun" below:

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