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What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 2/5


I wanted to sit and complain about Trump this week, but Beyoncé is having twins so nothing else matters. NOTHING. *waves fist* NOTHING. Okay, on with the show!


Sweet Lord of all that is holy and right in this world. WE ARE HAVING TWINS!! And by "we" I mean all of us, because when King Bey celebrates new life, so do we. Let us all bow our heads in gratitude, knowing that Bey is carrying "Liberty" and "Justice" for all. I've decided the twins' names already.



Pause all of that because the Game took an epic Tinder photo. Swipe right.

A$AP Rocky

Rocky is like, "Before I read this book, let me get on my giant orange goggles. Ah, there we go! Sorry, I need my goggles to match my outfit when I read."

Lily Allen

Lily Allen as a baby is making me want to have one because of the possibility that not only will my baby be as adorable as she was, but she will grow up to be a badass. Then I remember I was a total dork as a kid, and the gene pool runs deep.


I always knew JoJo could fly. She still has one leg on the ground, but she was simply getting ready for take off. Stop doubting her, dammit!


Here's an epic throwback from D-Nice with MC Lyte, for all you knuckleheads who think rap started with Lil Wayne.

French Montana

French is out here violating every rule about wearing white after Labor Day dressed like a Cheesecake Factory employee with an overcoat. You've still got like 5 months before Puff's next White Party, French.

Rita Ora

Posting because this looks nothing like Rita Ora, and I want to share my shock with you all.

DJ Khaled

I'm really only posting this because Khaled is on the phone with my friend LaTrice and I want to emphasize how important my friends and I are. I include myself in this category like Khaled calls me too. He doesn't though. Sidebar, what lovely foliage he has in his home. My allergies would be doing overtime if that were my mansion.


Rita Ora

Ah-ha! Here's a recognizable photo of Rita Ora. Sup with that fan though? No I mean the actual fan she's holding. I'm sure she has other fans too. The people kind.


Banks looks like she's four in this photo, so what she's saying is she's been writing these songs since she was four and living alone. I believe it though.

Rich Forever

My birthday is in three weeks. Cash me ousside dressed just like Rick Ross in this photo. How bow dah?


I love when my friends all get together. I hate when it's without me, though. Also, why is Nicki re-defining denim with those pants? #trailblazer.

Chief Keef

There's something very stylish about that blue solo cup providing that extra pop of color to break up the red. Like, I'm not sure if that was intentional, but well done Keef!


Rihanna posted the Bey pregnancy announcement pic, so this was my chance to post it again. Brb ugly crying

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