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This Spooky Space Exploration Game is Not How Telescopes Work

'Junk Shop Telescope' is a wildly creative microgame.
All images courtesy cephalopodunk

Junk Shop Telescope is a very short game. It's still listed as being in-progress, a small game made for the Castles & Ruins Bitsy jam, but it manages to offer a complete, spooky, fascinating experience inside of a minute. The premise is very simple: you navigate your telescope's focus through an evocative 8-bit world.

Yeah, you can look at the stars/ You can look at the moon. You can look at the… things that may be hiding in places that you cannot see with a regular telescope.

It's effective, evocative, and a little bit creepy, offering a world that tells you just enough about what's going on. There's a sense that, no, you really shouldn't be here, looking at these things, but it's impossible to look away.

You can play Junk Shop Telescope in-browser on the game's page.