Murphy Radio Gets Sporty In 'Sports Between Trenches' Video

Watch the music video for the East Kalimantan math rock trio's new single.
November 15, 2017, 8:30am

The dudes in Murphy Radio are flexing their muscles on the music video for their latest single “Sports Between Trenches.”

Taken from their debut full-length album due to release next year, “Sports Between Trenches” is a sweet, poppy math-rock tune with crystal clear guitar tone, evoking nostalgia and youthfulness—not unlike US twinkly revival emo bands or Japanese instrumental masters such as Toe. The absence of vocals is compensated by acrobatic guitar melodies and tempo changes, giving the song a sense of flow, never stagnant.

In the music video, dressed in jerseys of their favorite NBA teams, they show off their fast fingers in a high school basketball field. A young woman, oblivious to their presence, goes through a series of warm-ups—stretching, jogging, rope jumping—before dribbling past them and successfully hitting a jumper on the back of the net. Just like her shot, “Sports Between Trenches” is right on target, ticking all the boxes for the fan of the genre while no doubt will gain them a new audience.