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We Recount Festival Mysteries on Episode 14 of the THUMP Podcast

Back from Movement and the Indy 500's EDM festival, we talk about the times that music festivals can get weird.
Photo collage by Tom Keelan at Movement

We're continuing our stint in the trenches on the frontlines of festival season this week. Half of the THUMP staff spent some time at Detroit's Movement Festival—the yearly Memorial Day dance music celebration that some have taken to calling "Techno Christmas." Features Editor Michelle Lhooq and Associate Editor Ezra Marcus explain how the festival's non-stop slate of afterparties—both official and under-the-radar—make it electronic music endurance test unlike any other. We also spent some time at one of the weirdest EDM festivals going: the absurd patriotic spectacle of the Speedway, Indiana's Snake Pit, which happens in the infield of the Indy 500 as the race goes on.


Ezra also tells us about sleep-deprived Hardy Boys-style mystery he went on with a photographer in Detroit. Strange things happen when you rave for days straight.