Redditor Successfully Convinces Chain to Bring Back Long-Discontinued Lemon Cake

Hope lives—and it tastes like a slice of lemon cake.
June 14, 2017, 4:00pm
Screengrab via YouTube user Big Ben

Feeling powerless in this political climate? Wondering if the 99 percent can make any difference whatsoever? Thinking nothing matters anyway, no matter what? Fear not, friends, for here is a story of redemption and hope.

Once upon a time—and we're talking about February—there was a Reddit user named BigBen2010 who really, really liked the lemon cake served at Portillo's, the Chicago-based, fast-casual chain best known for its Chicago-style hot dogs. For years, Ben enjoyed Portillo's lemon cake, until the company mysteriously stopped serving it several years ago.


Ben searched high and low for years, trying to find an adequate substitute for the long-gone lemon cake, or to at least to find the recipe, so he could make it at home. Ben wondered why— WHY, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE?—Portillo ever decided to take the cake off its menu in the first place.

Then one day early this year, Ben had a brilliant idea: He would put a bounty out for the cake. In February, Ben took to Reddit and offered $300 to the first person who could help him obtain the recipe for the long-discontinued cake or point him in the direction of a store that sold an "exact copy". Plus, he threw in a kicker of $30 to any person who could tell him why— WHY?—Portillo's ever had the ridiculous idea of taking the cake off its menu.

As you can imagine, the post drew quite a bit of attention, most likely because Ben's yearning for the cake was so sincere and his attempts to secure the recipe seemed so, well, pathetic. And sad. But, rest assured, as we said, this is a tale with a happy ending. The fates shined down on Ben and someone from Portillo's caught wind of Ben's plight. A representative agreed to DM the secret recipe to Ben—and they told him they would prepare two cakes for him to pick up!

Hold on, though—the story gets even better. Portillo's then told Ben that it would be adding the cake to its menus nationwide. It will be available soon, baked fresh every morning.

You see, friend? There is hope in America in 2017.

Here's what Ben said after he tasted the cake for the first time in years: "The sweet smell of lemony goodness greeted me like an old friend and once I took that first bite, all of my fears melted away. The velvety soft and rich frosting made my lips and mouth tingle just as it had so many times before. It's so light and fluffy. Bright and balanced. Moist and rich. Pure joy. All was good with the world!!! Every individual part of the cake was flawless, but the combination of all those flavors working together within a single cake made it deliciously transcendent."

This may sound like a fairy tale, but it is real. Portillo's and Ben are obviously going to live happily ever after. As for the rest of us, it remains to be see. But we all now know where to find a damn good slice of lemon cake.