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Washed Out Announces First Album in Four Years

'Mister Mellow' will be released by influential Los Angeles imprint Stones Throw later this month.
Photo by Alexandra Gavillet.

Chillwave pioneer Washed Out today announced his first album since 2013's Paracosm. His fourth studio LP, Mister Mellow, will mark his debut on Peanut Butter Wolf's Stones Throw imprint, and include the previously released disco house-styled single, "Get Lost."

Along with the audio version, Mister Mellow will also be released as a full-length visual album on DVD, which the artist previewed with a new trailer released today. The Mister Mellow visual will incorporate a wide range of video production styles, ranging from collage to claymation and stop-motion animation.

While Washed Out is generally known for breezier, lighthearted music, the new album promises to be a little bit emotionally troubled if "Get Lost" is any indication. The single draws on more esoteric sound collage styles, and has a definite neurotic edge that's a far cry from his best known work.

Mister Mellow will be released on June 30, and is available for pre-order on Stones Throw's website.

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