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Greece's Impending Humanitarian Catastrophe: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 11)

As Europe struggles to cope with the growing refugee crisis, VICE News goes to the Greek-Macedonian border, where more than 10,000 people are stranded at a transit camp without proper food and sanitation.

An emergency EU summit takes place today aimed at getting Turkey to help Europe stem the flow of migrants into the continent. The refugee crisis is reaching breaking point in Greece with tens of thousands of people trapped there and around 2,000 more arriving each day.

Austria's decision on February 19 to limit the number of people crossing its borders sparked the bottleneck, which escalated as other countries on the Balkan route into northern Europe followed suit. Now, the European Union has declared plans to formally close those borders to migrants.

As the European Union dissolves into heated disagreement over shared responsibility, VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson visits a tent city that's cropped up at the Greek-Macedonian border. She speaks to some of the 13,000 people stranded there and to overwhelmed aid personnel who are warning a humanitarian disaster could be only days away.

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