People Are Doing Some Crazy Shit to Avoid 'Avengers: Endgame' Spoilers

From paying to join private chat groups to literally beating someone up, fans are going to extreme measures to ensure they enjoy the movie.
April 30, 2019, 10:14am
People are trying a bunch of extreme tactics to avoid Avengers spoilers. Photo by Marvel Studios.

Avengers: Endgame is undoubtedly the biggest movie of the summer. It’s the conclusion of one of the biggest film franchises ever that has spanned more than a decade. But people have been actively trying not to talk about it. Why? Because no one wants to be the jerk that spoils it.

The truth is that we're looking for things to be better, if not okay, since the last movie left us pretty screwed up. Infinity War left us with a bleak ending and this movie is supposed to be a triumphant conclusion. And we don't want anything or anyone to ruin it for us… so much so that some of us have gone to extreme measures to avoid spoilers.


In China, people who are dying to discuss the movie but fear spoiling it for anyone have found a way. According to a report by Sixth Tone, there are group chats in social media app WeChat you can join for as little as 0.1 yuan in Taobao, one of China’s biggest e-commerce sites. To join the said Avengers: Endgame discussion groups, you would sometimes be asked to present proof that you’ve seen the movie, like a photo of your ticket stub.

It's a very polite gesture in a situation where people do as much as they can to watch the film spoiler-free. Or you can also call it an act of desperation. If you've watched the film already, (and I hope I'm not sharing spoilers!) but there is a lot to unpack. While social media still isn't an option to talk about the film directly, group chats filled with pumped-up Marvel fans will suffice for now.

In Hong Kong, one man couldn't resist but shout spoilers to people waiting in line, a moved that got him beaten up. The unidentified man was seen in a video last Friday, April 27, sitting outside a cinema in Causeway Bay with a bloody head.

Meanwhile, over in the Twittersphere, people who follow the National Football League are up in arms at Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy after tweeting a key moment in the film to his 700,000 followers. Twitter users started an online petition at Change.org to terminate McCoy from the Bills, as well as be no longer admitted "to any Marvel movie ever."

Still others have blocked keywords that would have anything related to Endgame. Even Joe and Anthony Russo, the film's directors, have warned viewers a couple of weeks before its international premiere with a hashtag to boot: "Remember, Thanos still demands your silence."

There's no way of telling how long these extreme measures will last, but in a couple of weeks or so, when everyone has watched the movie at least once, the group chats will probably die… only to make way for a new one. Endgame may be the end of an era in Marvel, but we're already clamoring to talk about what will happen next. And paying to join group chats might be the surefire way to discuss movies hereafter. At least in China.