Jake Gyllenhaal Singing Sean Paul Is Pure and Good

He... got the adlibs right?
Queens, US
June 27, 2019, 4:23pm

Jake Gyllenhaal might be remembered for his roles in films like Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, and Nightcrawler, but he should also be remembered for his impeccable taste in music. On a recent Radio 1 appearance, Gyllenhaal wasn't shy about his love for Sean Paul, who has been delivering dancehall hits on an international scale since the mid-90s. "Sean Paul makes every song better," the actor said. No one could've predicted Jake Gyllenhaal would be the voice of reason here, reminding the masses of Sean Paul's eternal relevance.


Gyllenhaal was forced to set the record straight after a caller ridiculously claimed that "Sean Paul is massively overrated." Gyllenhaal had the correct response: "Just hang up on him." He did the claps from Paul's "Get Busy" era for dramatic effect to let you know he's been a fan. "He's a genius. There's not a song or remix he's on that isn't good," Gyllenhaal said, explaining that there is no traffic jam that Sean Paul's greatest hits are not equipped for.

Unfortunately when the host asked Gyllenhaal for a song request, he chose… "Cheap Thrills." You had one job, Jake. If he were strictly choosing songs with Sean Paul features, Beyoncé's "Baby Boy," Busta Rhymes' "Make It Clap," Rihanna's "Break It Off," or the more recent posse cut "Boasty" featuring Idris Elba all would have been better choices. At least he got the adlibs right.

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