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Here, you'll find suicide prevention helplines and a selection of VICE work that we hope can help you out.
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See the image above for suicide prevention helplines. If your country's not on there, please find more helpline numbers here. For more mental health coverage from VICE, click here.

Earlier this year, College Music approached us with an idea.

Their YouTube channel – which hosts one of the site's two leading lo-fi hip-hop live-streams – attracts a load of students, for an obvious reason: the tunes you'll find on there are the perfect soundtrack to studying.


However, as you'll know if you've ever revised even once, procrastination is much more fun than retaining information. Look at College Music's channel, and it's clear that viewers' favoured method of wasting time is typing away in the chat box. The majority of these messages are perfectly inane. But keep an eye on them and you’ll notice a recurring pattern: viewers talking about how stressed they are, or how depressed they’re feeling, or – in the most extreme cases – how they’re experiencing suicidal thoughts.

With exam season approaching, the frequency of these kind of messages is only likely to increase; in the past, Childline has witnessed a 200 percent increase in young people calling their hotline because of stress related to exams. So, College Music decided they should use their platform to provide this cohort of viewers with some support – and we wanted to use our history and back catalogue of mental health coverage to support that aim.

The plan: since College Music launched, what you’ll have seen if you’ve visited their channel is an animation of "Study Girl" running on an endless loop. In collaboration with the suicide prevention charity Samaritans, this animation has been reworked, breaking the loop in the hope that it will grab viewers’ attention and direct them here. If you're reading this, hopefully it worked.

Below, you’ll find a selection of VICE's mental health work, which we hope will act as guidance, advice or simply a reminder that you're not alone.



Articles that offer easy-to-absorb mental health advice.

How to Know If You Need Therapy
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Some articles we hope will demonstrate how many people are going through the exact kind of things you're going through.

I'm Constantly Stressed That My Weekends Aren't Fun Enough
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In case you fancy some extra reading on the topic.

The Remarkable Benefits of Cold Water Swimming
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US – Suicide Prevention LifeLine (24/7)
Tel: 1-800-273-8255
Live chat here.

South Korea – Counsel24 (24/7)
Tel: 1566-2525

RUSSIA – Samaritans (Mon - Sun. 9AM to 9PM)
Tel: 8202-577-577

Canada – Crisis Services Canada (24/7)
Tel: 833-456-4566
Live chat here.

Japan – Befrienders Japan (Mon to Fri. 10AM to 5:30PM)
Tel: 03-5286-9090

Brazil – Centro de Valorização da Vida (24/7)
Tel: 188

France – SOS helpline (Mon-Sun. 3PM to 11PM)
Tel: 01-4621-4646

UK – Samaritans (24/7)
Tel: 116 123

Germany – TelefonSeelsorge (24/7)
Tel: 0800-111-0-111
Live chat here.

Mexico – Saptel (24/7)
Tel: (55) 5259-8121

If your country isn't listed above, please visit here or here.

For more mental health coverage, click here.