Stop Everything and Watch Ali Wong Mimic Keanu Reeves's Weird Laugh

Wait, does Keanu actually laugh like a human airhorn sound effect?
June 11, 2019, 3:45pm
Keanu Reeves and Ali Wong
Images via screenshot

Keanu Reeves can do no wrong in 2019. He's already ridden a horse through Brooklyn in one of the best action movies of the year so far, promised us a most triumphant return of Bill and Ted, and is about to appear in Toy Story 4, while still somehow managing to have the time to bless us all with some sagely wisdom about the nature of death or whatever.

But the single greatest thing the man has done so far is, unquestionably, his genius cameo in Ali Wong and Randall Park's Always Be My Maybe. There's a reason his intro scene has already become a meme. Who could have guessed that Reeves returning to his comedy roots and having a little fun for once is what we needed all this time?


And, according to Wong, Reeves apparently enjoyed the whole thing about as much as we all did. On Monday night, Wong dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview about her stand-up specials, her dad, and, obviously, Always Be My Maybe. Kimmel brought up the immediately-iconic Reeves appearance, because of course, and Wong launched into a story about Reeves having, uh, a really good time during the film's premiere.

He showed up to the premiere and he hadn't seen any of the other scenes in the movie, because he shot with us for four days and only shot those scenes," Wong recalls. "He hadn't seen any footage from the movie. We didn't know how he was going to react."

But luckily, Wong says, Reeves wound up sitting right behind her during the screening, laughing—and then she launched into a truly wild impression of the guy's particular guffaw. "The whole time, I could hear him go, 'HA HA. HA. HAHA. HA,'" she says, sounding more like a text-to-speech app than a real human appreciating humor. "That sounds very disingenuous, but if you spent time with Keanu, that's his laugh."

Can it be? Can this actually be how Keanu Reeves sounds? Have we gone this long without knowing that the man laughs like some kind of human airhorn sound effect? This is groundbreaking, people. This is huge. If someone has actual, hard proof of Keanu's laugh, please, bestow it upon us. But until that day comes, we must settle for Ali Wong's bleating, staccato impression of Keanu's laugh. Somehow, this just makes the guy even more endearing.