'Hustlers' Is the Modern Day Robin Hood We Need

The first trailer for the new movie starring Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Lizzo just dropped, and we are living for it.
Bettina Makalintal
Brooklyn, US
July 17, 2019, 1:22pm
screenshot of hustlers trailer starring jennifer lopez and constance wu
Screenshot via trailer

The first trailer for Hustlers is here, and suddenly September can't come soon enough. This movie promises everything: J. Lo teaching Constance Wu how to pole dance, bedazzled bodysuits, performances by Cardi B and Lizzo, a good scam, and yes, even Usher.

Based on a viral 2015 feature in The Cut titled "The Hustlers at Scores," the movie follows a group of dancers at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club who stole from their rich clientele of "mostly assholes" from Wall Street and treated themselves to cars, shoes, and luxury, like the modern day Robin Hood we crave. Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, and Lili Reinhardt round out Hustlers' stacked cast.

If Ocean's Eight was a little wholesome for your taste, Hustlers looks like it promises to deliver with just as good a heist, but a little more attitude and what we can only expect to be a soundtrack full of bangers. Hustlers hits theaters on September 13, but watch the trailer here: