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Someone Had a Terrifying Run-In with This Massive Gator Again

And he looks like he somehow got bigger...
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Screengrab via / YouTube

Technically, Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, is run by a man named Ken Powell, who's served as general manager there since 2011. But the true king of the links is a gargantuan, 15-foot alligator named Chubbs, a beast who first established his dominion when he thundered across the fairway in broad daylight back in 2016.

Perhaps, with the passage of time, the golfers who dare to play at Buffalo Creek had begun to think they'd escaped the reign of their giant reptilian overlord; maybe they thought they'd reached a point where they could finally tee off in peace, without fear of crossing paths with a monster big enough to swallow up two average-sized humans with ease. But on Saturday, Chubbs once again reared his spiky head, the Bradenton Herald reports, sauntering through the golf course with his giant teeth bared to remind everyone exactly who runs the goddamn show here:


According to Fox 13, Sage Stryczny, a golfer from nearby Bradenton, captured the latest harrowing footage of the gator, who stopped him in his tracks and cause him to let out a terrified "Holy shit" —which is, you know, a natural reaction to coming face-to-face with a creature that looks like he walked straight out of Jurassic Park. But according to Powell, there's not much reason to be afraid: Unlike some of his more violent brethren, Chubbs is apparently a benevolent leader, a beast who's mercifully refrained from devouring the humans he lords over in his time as Buffalo Creek's supreme leader.

"He's not a nuisance," Powell told Fox 13 back in 2016. "He doesn't hurt anybody. He's got a giant reservoir to go to."

So if, for some reason, you were planning a trip down to Palmetto to try out Buffalo Creek's surprisingly nice fairways, it's probably safe to go right ahead. Just be prepared to bow down before your giant, reptilian king once you get there.

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