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Video Emerges of Ukraine Military and Separatists Clashing at Donetsk Airport

The clash follows NATO's confirmation that more Russian soldiers and military equipment have entered eastern Ukraine in recent days.
Photo via Youtube/Novorossiya

Ukrainian military forces and separatist fighters exchanged fire at Donetsk Airport on Wednesday, as the fragile ceasefire between the Kiev government and breakaway factions in eastern Ukraine frayed further.

The video released by pro-Russia news organization Novorossiya TV shows separatist fighters trading fire with an armored vehicle near the airport. Four minutes into the clip an explosion ignites close to the cameraman, following several minutes of the fighters shooting at the distant vehicles.


Video credit: Novorussia TV

VICE News reported this week that despite the fact that thousands have returned to the city in the past month after fleeing a campaign of heavy shelling by Ukrainian forces over the summer, fighting in recent days has escalated in the country's eastern region.

An increase in the movement of military equipment and fighters around the rebel-held territories over the weekend prompted concern from Kiev and its western allies that conflict was set to increase, as pro-Russia separatists begin a campaign to seize new territory.

Rebel leaders denied launching a new offensive and receiving more supplies of weapons from Russia, claiming that convoys of vehicles and weapons sported by Ukrainian authorities and journalists reflect the "rotation of fighters."

On Wednesday, NATO's top commander confirmed in a statement that multiple columns of Russian soldiers and military equipment have entered eastern Ukraine over the last two days.

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