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We Asked People What They’d Pay for Kanye’s Pornhub Merch

“After what he did with Whitney Houston’s hotel room photo?? A fiver.”

By now, you probably already know that last week Yeezy put out a line of sweatshirts featuring expressionist paintings of five adult film performers. It all arose from the Pornhub Awards last Thursday, which Kanye West co-creative directed and during which he debuted a new song featuring Lil Pump. So far, so Ye. As well as dressing some of the adult film stars present that evening, in Yeezy, Kanye included the likenesses of Pornhub Awards winners Lena Paul, Mia Malkova, Abella Danger, Riley Reid and Kendra Sunderland on these grey marl sweatshirts.


The Riley Reid and Mia Malkova Yeezy x Pornhub sweatshirts

Anyone who’s followed Ye’s expansion into fashion knows that he’s often criticised for setting high price points for Yeezy apparel. So what’s the price an average person on the street would be willing to pay for one of these sweatshirts – for which, at the time of writing, it’s unclear whether any profits would also go to the women whose likenesses will help sell them? I walked the streets of east London with some literal print-outs of the clothes, and stopped to ask a bunch of people exactly that.

“After what he did with Whitney Houston’s hotel room photo?? A fiver”

Noisey: Hi Grace, how much would you be willing to hand over for one of the Yeezy Pornhub sweatshirts?
Grace, 29: Is this true?! He did this?! After what he did with Whitney Houston’s bathroom photo?? I just… I wouldn’t even pay for this sweatshirt. If I had to, like £5.

Your opinions on Kanye?
I just think Kanye’s a little bit all over the place. I know he’s apologised for everything recently, but I just think yeah… Everything he did with Whitney Houston’s photo on the Pusha T album artwork, and the comments he made about slavery being a choice for 400 years… I just don’t think anybody should be spending money on his products.

How bothered are you about porn sites in general?
Umm, I don’t know..I think a lot of people get a lot of enjoyment out of them, but I just worry, especially after the Jon Ronson documentary he made, there are a lot of people that we don’t see getting like abused and the wrong message gets put out there. And I think there’s a lot of teenage boys out there who think sex is very different to pornography.


“He’s just doing what he wants, innit”

Noisey: Right, so how much would you pay for one of these?
Caleb, 21: Oh shit, OK. Well it’s Kanye, and I support Kanye, so it depends. I’m really open to any price, that’s what I’m saying – because you’re supporting the designer.

But have you seen the design?
Oh it’s got, like, different porn stars on it! That’s amazing!

You'll have to tell me more than that.
It's amazing because he’s just doing what he wants innit! Like, name someone else on such a level, such a mainstream level thats willing to tarnish their name, and associate themselves with porn. He’s just misunderstood. Some of his comments are a bit stupid – but you know, he’s just unfiltered. He’s gone through a lot, people trying to paint him in negative ways, and he just sort of pushed through all of that. I admire his resilience and I admire his personality; how straightforward and outspoken he is.

I mean, adult film performance is a regulated job, rather than something that might “tarnish” a name. How much are you a porn site fan?
Ahh, I think they’re disgusting – I think they should be banned.

But… it’s OK when Kanye’s involved?
Oh yeah. It’s tricky, innit. Because it’s like he’s glorifying it, but at the same time he’s making a mockery of it. Because if he ends up charging a lot he's just taking the piss out of people in general. Like, I think porn is disgusting to be honest and I think porn sites should be chucked away, you know what i’m saying?


“I have an issue with the whole celebrity-as-designer thing”

Noisey: Hello, what would you pay for this sweatshirt with a painting of an adult film performer and her recent award title on it?
Hue, 21: Umm, fifty bucks.

Straight up. What do you make of the design?
I feel like you could do this in MS Paint; is that bad? I feel like you could just do this with, like, not even a brush.

Are you a Kanye fan?
I have an issue with the whole celebrity-as designer thing. I mean, i’ve seen the stuff Virgil did, he did Kanye’s merch, right? in the beginning. I’m like, OK cool, that’s cool.’ But when I saw the first Yeezy collection, and the quality of it was absolutely shit compared to the price they were selling them for, it’s just like are you serious?? Porn itself is just trendy right now .

“God, it’s quite revealing, isn’t it? Fifty quid?”

Noisey: Hi guys, give me a price for this one piece of Yeezy x Pornhub apparel.
Elsa, 20: God, it’s quite revealing isn’t it? Not much to be fair, like 50 quid, max!

Rex, 20: I’m saying about £30.

Cool, they cost about £60 on the Yeezy store. What do you make of the design?
Rex: It’s very unique, I guess, but the style is quite basic print.

That's sort of the Yeezy way. As a public figure, what are your thoughts on Kanye?
Elsa: Controversial. He has quite contrasting views about stuff: on one hand he’s saying, like, ‘oh, you don’t have to be a Democrat, you can be a Republican and still be black.’ It’s weird… he’s got weird views.


Rex: I feel like he’s in the mindset at the moment when he’s just like wanting to express himself, everything that he feels.

“Maximum £150”

Noisey: Hey there, have a look at this sweatshirt please. Kanye's behind it – what would you pay to make it your own?
Lucas, 21: For this one? It’s Kanye West? Err, £150, maximum.

Wow, OK – that’s more than twice as much as it’s actually selling for. How do you feel about the design itself?
It’s OK… it’s very interesting; quite abstract, quite Picasso. It’s not groundbreaking, but I think it’s worth that for the name.

So you’re a big Kanye fan?
I’m not a fan actually. His personality is not my cup of tea. But I like his music, that’s for sure. I love his music. I liked his last album – it's called The Life of Pablo, I think? – it’s so good. He’s a great producer.

What do you think about the idea of the collab itself?
It’s quite a publicity stunt, huh? It’s clever. He should be allowed to do this, no worries. I mean, why should porn be banned? I see no reason.

“Everything revolves around sex now”

Noisey: Nice to meet you both. Now, how much cash would you be willing to splash out on of these sweatshirts?
Charlotte, 26: I wouldn't pay for that.

Ella, 27: I would pay £50 for it – it’s a jumper and Kanye made it. Yeah, fuck it: I’d buy it, of course.

So you’re keen on the painting?
Charlotte: He has children, so yeah no – not into it.

Ella: Yeah but it’s still Kanye!


And people do continue to have sex or maybe watch porn when they’ve had kids. What are your thoughts on Kanye more broadly?
Charlotte: I don’t really follow him.

Ella: I just like him because he's a designer and I love fashion, so I don’t really care what he does outside of that. I like him as a designer. I love that he does collaborations; I think it’s pretty amazing. With this one, it’s the world we live in now: everything revolves around sex. I mean, it’s not the best, but that’s just how it is.

“The picture doesn’t tell me anything”

Noisey: How much would you spend on this sweatshirt that I’ve handily printed out a photo of?
Axel, 33: That one? I don’t know I don’t like it at all. The Pornhub thing… I wouldn’t wear that kind of shirt.

How about the picture?
It doesn’t tell me anything really.

So I’m guessing you’re not a major Kanye fan?
No, I think he's living in his own little bubble, so much that I just don’t connect with him in any way. Everything about him feels so weird.

"The design's just normal: £30"

Hi Edith, how much do you think this limited-edition Yeezy x Pornhub merch is worth? Like, when you consider how much any clothing collabs cost, how much would you be willing to pay for this?
Edith, 28: £30.

That’s a very quick and sure answer.
The design’s just normal.

Hang on, normal?
Well, not normal, but it looks like Kanye; like something Kanye would do. It’s just like an expression of Kim!

What do you think of Kanye?
I’m not a big fan of Kanye. I used to be, but not now… just because of his choice of music, how he acts. I think he acts like that on purpose. A lot of people might disagree with me. He just wants people to notice him, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Because he's an artist as well, kids look up to him, which is greatly to his advantage. I would never dream of buying somethings like this for my daughter or my son.

What are your thoughts on promoting free pornography sites more generally?
No, definitely not. You never know what kids could just… look at at any moment, with pop-ups and everything too.

Thanks, everyone.