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VICE Meets President Obama

To make VICE's first interview with the commander-in-chief a success, we want to hear what you would ask Barack Obama.
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Hello my Diamonds! Because of you — and because we love you — VICE is spending tomorrow afternoon with President Obama. Why? So we can get him on the record speaking about the issues that young people care about the most. The president is going to Atlanta tomorrow, and the White House has given VICE exclusive access. We'll be with POTUS from wheels-down at the airport, joining him as he delivers a speech at Georgia Tech, where he will discuss college affordability and then have a sit-down with students. He'll then do an in-depth interview with me, Shane Smith.


Here's how it's going to work: after the speech, Obama and I are going to meet with a small group of students from both local high schools and colleges. It's a chance for him to sit with younger Americans and ask them about their priorities and the challenges they're dealing with. I will act as moderator, working in questions from our readers. Afterward, I will interview the president one on one — pressing him for his thoughts on education, foreign policy, the climate change crisis, and more.

To make the day a success, we want to hear from you. This isn't going to be just another inside-the-beltway presidential interview with the same old scripted answers. We want to ask the questions you would ask. So talk to us using #vicemeetsobama by midnight ET tonight, and we'll take the best of your questions and pose them directly to the commander-in-chief tomorrow.

Video of our afternoon with the president will be posted on Monday, here at VICE News and across our network of award-winning digital channels. Be sure to check back for updates.

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