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Listen to Robert Hood's Utterly Astonishing New Album in Full Right Now

We've got the world premiere of the techno titan's Dekmantel-released 'Paradygm Shift' LP.

You might have worked out by now that we're into Robert Hood. Like, really into Robert Hood. We're into Robert Hood so much that there's been periods where we've strongly considered binning every non-Hood record we owned.

The reason why we're so besotted with the bloke is simple: he's spent the last two decades making some of the most original dance music ever produced. Wether it's the grindingly minimal techno he makes under his own name, or the luxuriously OTT house he produces with his daughter Lyric as Floorplan, you know a Hood track as soon as you hear one. The tell-tale sign is simple—it'll be the record that blows everything else the DJ's played that night out of the water.


Given that, it's no surprise that when we say we're excited to be bringing you an exclusive listen to the master's latest release, we really, really mean it. Paradygm Shift , which arrives on Dutch label Dekmantel today, is yet another stone cold classic. Keeping things relatively raw, this set of stripped-back dancefloor detonation devices sees Hood doing his thing with aplomb. These are techno tracks that sound bigger and stronger than anything else out there. They are hulking, swirling, monsters, primed to turn any decent nightclub inside out, and happily they sound just as great at home, too.

"The idea behind it is just a shift in our focus. We can become complacent; we are so comfortable with our surroundings. I think this is the time for electronic music to find a new mindset," Hood himself says in the album's press release. "I felt it was necessary to reiterate as an electronic music artist who is bringing minimalism back in the forefront, and not to get lost in the melody. I want to get back to the simple repetitive programming that I'm known for, and to me it was returning to that and shifting the listeners' focus."

The result is an absolute triumph from start to finish, and a powerfully potent reminder that you can do techno albums well. Brilliantly in fact. Listen below.

Paradygm Shift is out now on Dekmantel.