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This In-Browser Winamp Emulator Will Take You Back to 1999

It really whips the llama’s ass.

Winamp is back and you can run it in a browser. For millennials of a certain age, Winamp was the media player of choice for all the music we illegally downloaded from Napster. Thanks to the efforts of San Francisco area programer Jordan Eldredge, nostalgic MP3 fans can relive their youth in a browser window.

The new winamp looks and feels just like the original. Users can even use old skins just by dragging and dropping them into the window. Ditto for any MP3s they may still have kicking around on their computer. The only thing missing is Milkdrop 2.0—the visualization plugin that turned music into visual LSD.

Though its web page is still up, the original Winamp shut down in 2014 and the intervening four years have left a llama—Winamp’s mascot—shaped hole in the world of music playing software. Imitators stepped forward to fill that hole and even Spotify released a tribute site that ran the service in a Winamp style client. But none of them ever whipped the llama’s ass quite the way this new one does.