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Fortify Yourself with the Beauty of Bisexual Lighting

With her stunning "Make Me Feel" video, Janelle Monáe has become the face of bisexual lighting—the objectively perfect color scheme of pink, purple, and blue.

Behold, the most objectively beautiful and aesthetically pleasing color scheme you've seen in movies, television, and music videos: bisexual lighting.

Bisexual lighting gained momentum in the queer community last year—mostly in conversations contained to Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest—but experienced something of a revitalization after yesterday’s premiere of Janelle Monáe's "Make Me Feel" video.

The video is a big bi mood: Monáe shares a lollipop with her date (and rumored girlfriend) Tessa Thompson (incidentally Marvel's first bi superhero) and runs in an almost slapstick manner back and forth between Thompson and a man in a leather jacket while singing "that’s just the way that I feel" and "I can’t help it!" And she does this all while bathed in pink, purple, and blue lighting—the colors of the bisexual flag.


To celebrate Monáe, disarming color combinations, bisexuality, and all things beautiful, I've compiled a list of some of pop culture's most memorable bisexual lighting moments. Enjoy!

Charlize Theron in "Atomic Blonde." Courtesy of Focus Features

British super agent Lorraine (Theron) doesn't fall for her male colleague (James McAvoy) but instead has sex with a fellow female spy (Sofia Boutella). Of her character's sexual relationships, Theron told Variety she "loved" that the film didn't stop to explain her bisexuality.

"For so many reasons: My frustration of how that community is represented in cinema, or lack thereof. And also, it made perfect sense. It just suited her. It just felt there was a way through that relationship and the fact that it was a same-sex relationship to show a woman not having to fall in love, which is one of those female tropes."

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis in "Black Mirror" season 3 episode 4, "San Junipero." Courtesy of Netflix

A fan favorite of queer girls everywhere, "San Junipero" is a stunning love story and a welcome departure from the usual doom and gloom of Black Mirror.

Keanu Reeves in "John Wick 2." Photo by Niko Tavernise

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing the mysterious puppy-avenger of your dreams seeped in the colors of your underrepresented community? (No. The answer is no.)

Alex Hibbert in "Moonlight." Photo by David Bornfield courtesy of A24

I doubt there will ever be a film as visually stunning and emotionally potent as Moonlight. This scene, the film's poster, and moments on the beach made up of light pinks and blues provide haunting imagery to accompany the movie's lingering effects.


Natalie Portman in "Closer." Courtesy of Columbia Pictures


Chadwick Boseman in "Black Panther." Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Extremely "I only love my King and Wakanda, I'm sorry" mood.

Majid Jordan feat PARTYNEXTDOOR "One I Want." Screenshot courtesy of YouTube

Majid Jordan's videos for "Small Talk" and "Body Talk" are also replete with bisexual lighting.

Drake "Hotline Bling." Screenshot via YouTube

All hail our pastel prince.

Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" is always worth a revisit—especially if you find yourself in a queer love triangle, which happens surprisingly often.

Pink is the flavor. Solve the riddle!