Some Asshole Thought It Would Be Cool to Bring a Horse to a Miami Nightclub

A horse walked into a packed bar and it went about as poorly as you'd expect.
March 9, 2018, 7:30pm
Photo via Facebook user Leeza Marie Juelle

Florida police are looking into a Miami nightclub that supposedly let a woman ride a live horse in its crowded club, the Miami New Times reports.

Cellphone footage of the alleged incident at Mokai Lounge hit social media this week, causing an uproar from animal rights supporters and generally decent people who know that horses are beautiful, majestic creatures that don't deserve to be dragged into a club as a PR stunt or whatever.

Nightclubs are terrible places to hang out if you're a human, let alone a confused animal, so the dumbass plan appears to have gone about as poorly as you'd expect. In the video, the horse gets spooked by the wild, noisy crowd and then bucks its bikini-clad rider, frantically looking for an escape while the audience cheers.

According to the New Times, a woman claimed on Facebook that she was inside the club on Tuesday night when the horse was brought in, writing that she was "totally shocked" by the move and called it "animal cruelty."

"They’re lucky nobody including the horse was seriously injured or killed," a Facebook user named Jetta Kreider wrote in a separate comment. "People are so fucking stupid I swear."

A spokesman for the Miami PD told the New Times that it has been alerted to the alleged incident and is currently looking into Mokai. "We are very concerned over the allegations," Officer Ernesto Rodriguez told the paper. "As such, we have launched a joint investigation with Miami Beach Code Enforcement."

As of Friday afternoon, Mokai has not yet responded to the New Times's requests for comment, and it's unclear if the club in the video is actually Mokai Lounge. What is clear is that some dumbass out there actually thought it'd be a good idea to stroll a scared horse on into a packed club for spectacle's sake. Just stick with animatronic robot strippers, alright?

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