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Australian Tourist Arrested in Bali After Fly-Kicking a Guy off a Moving Scooter

Video from the incident also shows the 26-year-old throwing himself into a moving car.
Gavin Butler
Melbourne, AU
Australian man who fly-kicked a scooter driver in Bali
Image via Instagram user @denpasar_info

An Australian man who committed a string of seemingly random and unprovoked acts of violence in Bali over the weekend—including fly-kicking a man off a moving scooter—has been arrested. Footage of the tourist’s bizarre rampage went viral online, showing him kicking the motorcyclist down in the street, throwing himself into a moving car, and being chased by locals down a busy street in Kuta. The locals eventually caught him, Coconuts reports, and Balinese police have since identified the man as a 26-year-old from South Australia.


The man was taken to the Kuta Police headquarters for questioning, and then hospital for treatment for his injuries. It’s not clear what the nature or extent of these injuries were, although in the video his white t-shirt appears to be mottled with reddish stains. A photo from after he was captured shows him covered in blood stains and grazes.

The motives behind his rampage are still unknown—even to police.

“I don’t yet know what kind of influence he was under," Kuta Police Chief Teuku Ricky Fadliansyah told reporters, according to Indonesian news outlet Detik. "That’s why we secured him first.”

A witness told Detik it took 10 people to subdue the Australian, tying him up with a hose before handing him over to the police. Officers said that the motorcyclist he kicked off the scooter suffered minor injuries, including cuts and bruises on his arms and hands. He was reportedly on his way to work at the time.

Police Chief Teuku told 7News yesterday that investigations were ongoing. “Our team are still at the crime scenes investigating,” he said “Many places were [allegedly] damaged by him. Our team are still working to check all the places.”

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