If You Like the Sext You Just Got, Please Say So!!!

Someone sends you a nude. You think it's hot. Say, "Hot." That's it.
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Let’s say you’re a man. You’re in the middle of something very important (slapping doorframes as you walk through them, feeling way more confident than you have the right to), and suddenly you get a text from a hot lady you’re sleeping with. You open it up, and it’s a picture of her titties. What do you do?

While the obvious answer is to say something normal like “Wow” or “Hot” or “I want to fuck you,” assuming that’s how you feel, you’d be surprised at how many guys get this part wrong. In a viral tweet from this past weekend, a woman relayed an experience where she’d once sent nudes to a guy who responded with “ok.” She then told him she hoped he enjoys them, and he replied with a “yea no doubt.”


The replies to that tweet are an even worse litany of hetero horror stories, with women recounting every weird, unnecessary thing they’ve heard back from dudes they’ve sexted like “yippee” and “lol.”

I can personally attest to this struggle: I once sent a man a cleavage-heavy (though technically clothed) picture of myself looking hot, and he responded, “Lovely smile :P” to the photo, in which I was not smiling. All I know is that he should’ve just told me some variation of “You are hot,” and kept it moving—unless, of course, he didn’t think it was hot or he didn’t want to see the top third of my titties in the first place.

Men are allowed to not be moved by a glimpse of titty, even if they’ve responded positively to one in the past, so maybe don’t hold it against him if you don’t get the response you’re looking for. (I’m going to take my own advice on this, I swear.) It’s possible that the men in the aforementioned examples weren’t in the mood to get nudes at the time they were sent, from these women or anyone else. Whether sexting or actualy sex, consent should obviously be a priority, and that’s as true for women and nonbinary people as it is for men. If you’re the person sexting the hypothetical man in this scenario, you shouldn’t feel owed an enthusiastically affirmative response no matter what.

That said, if someone does sext you and you think it’s hot, just tell them you think it’s hot. It can be as simple as typing the word “Hot.”

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