Calling Aspiring Content Creators: VICE Wants to Help You Grow

We're looking for people who want to learn how to make impactful video content.

Have you always dreamt of creating cool video content? Are you passionate about breaking boundaries through content creation?

VICE Digital Creators Academy is a multi-dimensional programme designed to guide creators in producing impactful and inspiring work, and we're looking for people who are willing to learn just that.

If you possess the burning desire for storytelling; be it about a cause that you care deeply about, or simply a wild idea so audacious that it might just work — we want to hear from YOU.

From the applicants, we will select 24 creators to join our Storytelling Bootcamp, a week-long crash course that will hone participants' storytelling skills through a variety of multi-disciplinary workshops. Once selected, you'll get the chance to meet, interact and be inspired by award-winning creators from VICE and its partners’ network of experts. From the Bootcamp, 8 creators will then be selected to participate in a Skills Development Challenge. At this stage, you'll get to push yourselves in producing the ultimate story: an original piece of content that will be showcased to audiences across the region! For more information, full eligibility requirements, and to submit your application, head here. For questions about the programme, email us at