The Killers’ New Song, “Some Kind of Love,” Is Gentle and Eno-Inspired

The fourth track from their forthcoming 'Wonderful Wonderful' LP is the best yet.
September 15, 2017, 1:54pm
Image via The Killers on Instagram

When Noisey's Larry Fitzmaurice sat down with Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannuci, Jr. of The Killers last month, he wrote that the band's forthcoming LP, Wonderful Wonderful, would be "pretty fucking weird." We haven't had much of a glimpse into that yet—"The Man" drifted towards Day and Age, "Run For Cover" and "Wonderful Wonderful" recalled Sam's Town, and we've only had one mention of "fake news" to bring us into 2017.


But "Some Kind of Love," released this morning, is a bit fucking weird. It samples Brian Eno's "An Ending (Ascent)" and swims forward forward into the sort of shimmering arena rock that Eno produced with U2 in the 80s. Brandon Flowers flexes his falsetto over gentle piano chords. Lyrically, there's not much to pull apart—the song is entirely made up of vague similes and, through the middle section, a repetition of the song title. But, all the way down to the mousy, pitched-up vocals that back Flowers at the end, it's a suggestion that The Killers might push their own boundaries a little on Wonderful Wonderful.

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