Whitney's Unreleased Demo "You and Me" Is Smoother Than Smooth

It's the first single off an upcoming demo compilation out November 10.
September 28, 2017, 8:03pm

You know that you've achieved peak yacht-coasting-through-a-bay smoothness when even your unfinished demos are buttery soft. Such is the case with Chicago soft-rock revivalists Whitney, who are releasing a compilation of every demo for their debut album Light Upon the Lake this November. In addition to the entire album in sketch form, the band will also add two bonus tracks for the diehards, including the previously unheard "You and Me," which they've shared today.


The song's rougher around the edges, obviously, but still glistens with Whitney's signature soul-jazz guitar licks and Kenny Loggins-inspired vocal performances. Again, this band has a damn good handle on the sounds of the late 70s, so if you're down with the aesthetic, take a sip of something cold and listen to "You and Me" above.

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