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Marilyn Manson Read Out Bieber’s Text Apology on Live Radio

And he did so in a Bieber voice. Damn.

Okay, so don't cross Marilyn Manson. Don't ever in your life think that crossing Marilyn Manson "just for a laugh" or "lol not seriously at all, you know it's all love" will end in any other way than you being publicly mocked :(. We say all this because the short-lived Bieber vs Manson "beef" has officially been squashed, by way of Manson reading out Bieber's apologetic texts off his burner phone live on the radio. Live on the radio, in a Justin Bieber voice (which is lowkey pretty accurate). But really, for someone called the God of Fuck this isn't so much cold as exactly what you'd expect.


If you've not been keeping up with this story, here are the basics. According to a Consequence of Sound interview from last week, Manson bumped into Bieber while Bieber was wearing some of his own merch – the kind with a repurposed Marilyn Manson photo stretched across the front of a T-shirt, to be specific. By Manson's account, Bieber said "I made you relevant again" as a bit of a fun joke; just a nice spot of humour. Manson wasn't having it, calling Bieber a "real piece of shit in the way he had the arrogance to say that" in the forthcoming CoS interview.

I mean, I guess one of the perks here is knowing that Bieber reads CoS because he then texted Manson an apology referencing having seen "that article". By the end of their exchange, Manson had pretended he was up for a collab (sorry but that's deeply unlikely), hinted at the fact that maybe Bieber *is* an asshole and had absolutely not typed out "I accept your apology, you're a great person" as Bieber may have hoped. So on Tuesday, Manson took it further and read out Bieber's tweets verbatim on a SiriusXM show hosted by Grant Random (which you can hear at the top of the page), and also let Howard Stern read some out on his show.

Here's the opening message:

"BRO! It's Bieber! What's up with that article? I thought we had a pretty pleasant interaction. Also, if anything wasn't squared away with the T-shirts, I'm so sorry. Anyways, regardless, it kinda stung seeing that if iI came off like an asshole or even just was an asshole Im' sorry ????"

Manson's reply: "Words."

Airing private messages in public can be messy. But the main perk of all of this is that you can hear Manson's Bieber imitation in which he basically nails the "slightly raspy to make it sensual" quality that Bieber puts on in his singing voice. Manson likening Bieber and the string of messages to a woman's post-hookup feels very '90s gross dude humour' but no fave is without their flaws in this economy. And in the grander scheme of things, Manson released his debut album a few months after Bieber was born so probably sees him as a very famous pipsqueak who's in no way relevant to his world. Consider the sort-of beef over and done with.

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