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Shitbird Running For Mayor of Toronto

The woman, who was fired from the Rebel for being too damn racist, is back with another scheme to get your attention.
Look at those haircuts. Photo by The Canadian Press. 

A woman, who was fired from The Rebel for appearing on a Neo-Nazi podcast, has hatched a new plan to ensure her name sullies your Twitter timeline a little longer: she’s running for mayor of Toronto.

The woman, who once recited the white supremacist slogan of the 14 words on a Youtube livestream, registered to run for mayor just prior to Friday’s deadline.

The woman, who has been referred to as a “white nationalist” by a Canadaland reporter and a “conservative” by the editor-in-chief of the Toronto Sun, has no previous political experience unless you count writing for the Sun and the National Post.


The woman, who was the key player in a truther movement surrounding the Quebec mosque shooting, recently tweeted out her support of a man who was filmed going into a racist tirade against a group of Muslims.

The woman, who recently promoted a 1930s book that called for eliminating “the Jewish menace,” is well known for her love of publicity stunts.

VICE does not plan on giving her publicity stunt any further attention but thought you could use the warning.

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