ICP's Violent J Demands Vengeance From the "Snakes" Who Rip Off Furries

The Insane Clown Posse member and his daughter, a self-described "furry Juggalo," debuted a new web series on Facebook where they bust bad deals.

In its nearly three decades of existence, the internet has acquired a reputation for potentially off-putting weirdness thanks to the many subcultures and fandoms that have found a home online. Two of these fandoms, furries and Juggalos, have occasionally collided, but it's mostly been in passing—in viral videos, confusing fan art, and old forums where normies dare not tread. But because the web is a miraculous place where basically anything can happen, they met head on today, in a new web series by Insane Clown Posse's Violent J. Called Snake Busters, it is presumably about the ICP member and his daughter Ruby taking down bad online purchases and deals of dubious quality. It's a simple enough premise, but one that becomes much more notable considering the first episode is entirely about furries and their fursuits.


The pair of Ruby and Violent J introduce each other as a "furry Juggalo" and a "Juggalo furry" respectively (I'm sure there's an important difference of semantics at play) and then immediately get to task laying into a shoddy fursuit that Violent J bought for his daughter, who is apparently so about the furry life that she does this entire video behind another, much more expensive fursuit. "This mask was well worth the very little money my dad has. My mom says if my dad could rap better, he wouldn't be so broke," she says, which is a better anti-ICP diss than anything Eminem came up with in the early 00s. Despite the duo's enthusiasm and the very wholesome father-daughter bonding on display here, I still cannot process the fact that there is an Insane Clown Posse video about furries in the world.

Juggalos and furries embody a particular understanding of the internet, in the same category as the kind souls who draw Sonic the Hedgehog OCs. It is uncritical nerdy fandom, which seems cringe-y and strange to outsiders but can actually be a wonderful demonstration of community. Neither of these groups could have gained their current, sorta-mainstream prominence without the internet, and only the internet could have given us this long-awaited meeting of Juggalos and furries, officially sanctioned by a Juggalo head honcho and his proud furry offspring. You can watch this fucking miracle at the top of the page.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.