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Two Men Almost DROWNED In a Toronto Elevator

Nightmare fuel.
Photo via Pixabay.

Two men almost drowned in an elevator after the sky opened and poured torrential rain down upon Toronto Tuesday night.

The two almost victims were construction workers who got themselves stranded in an elevator in north Toronto after a power outage, according to The Canadian Press. The water in the elevator, which was moored in the basement of the building, had risen to such a point that the men were standing on handrails to keep their heads above water. Police spokeswoman Katrina Arrogante told the Canadian Press that the officers responding had to literally swim to rescue the men.


"The water level had rose to six feet and there was only one foot of air space left for the two males to breathe," Arrogante told The Canadian Press.

"The two officers answering the call then found a crowbar and swam into the basement location of the commercial building, pried open the elevator and rescued the two males that were stuck inside.”

Now, while this is true shit-your-pants, horror movie level of terror—and I’m sure there is going to be a film made about it starring Mark Ruffalo and Steve Buscemi, this didn’t take two hours or whatever the typical Hollywood runtime is these days. No… it only took minutes for these men to almost drown in the elevator. The Canadian Press said that police took the call from the men at 10:52 and were on scene to rescue them by 10:58—which is pretty goddamn good.

"It's actually quite an amazing story and we're just happy everything turned out in a positive manner," Arrogante said to The Canadian Press.

Still though, even if there was a happy ending, I want you to take a second and think about what this must have been like. You’re stuck in a small elevator with your buddy from work, you know him but you don’t KNOW him. You’re making small talk when the elevator jars to a halt. At first it’s just simply an annoyance but then, after a bit, the water starts leaking in around your feet. Slowly at first but then quicker. Because the power is out it’s pitch black in there. You only realize the water is coming in because of the squelching your sneakers make when you take a step.


Now you can physically feel it, it’s soaking your sneakers and your socks. It’s getting higher and higher—slow at first but moving quick now. You and your work friend joke a little bit—keep the mood light—but the water keeps rising. First to your shins, then your hips, then your elbows. You start to get a little worried here but know this isn’t it, you’re not going to die in an elevator, right? Right! Right????

But still the water just keep rising.

Now it’s at your chest your neck, your chin. You laugh from the nerves and check to see if there is that hatch that movies have told you you're about but find there to be none because that’s bullshit. Now it’s up to your mouth. You panic and start grabbing whatever is nearest you, swallowing some water in the process. Your hand finally gets purchase on something! A handrail! You clamber onto it as quick as you can and here you wait. You press your head to the roof. There is only a foot left now. There is nowhere left to go but still the water keeps rising—always rising.

I think next time I’m taking the stairs.

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