Meet a Shit Ton of Romanoffs in the Trailer for 'Mad Men' Creator's New Show

'The Romanoffs' stars Aaron Eckhart, Diane Lane, Amanda Peet, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, and so, so many more.

Matthew Weiner hasn't done much since Mad Men—arguably one of the greatest TV shows of all time—ended in 2015, but now, finally, the writer is coming back to TV this year with a show called The Romanoffs—and the cast is almost as stacked as Tarantino's Manson movie.

On Tuesday, Amazon released a brand-new trailer for the anthology series, which centers around people who claim to be relatives of the Russian royal family—and the thing features everybody from Mad Men alums John Slattery and Christina Hendricks to heavy-hitters like Diane Lane, Amanda Peet, and Aaron Eckhart, all claiming to share Romanoff blood. If they're all telling the truth, then this is one hell of a bloodline.

"The Romanoffs is an ambitious event series that will be the first-ever anthology released weekly on Prime Video," Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke said, according to Variety. "Filmed around the globe and featuring an incredible, star-studded cast, each episode will be a surprise gift to the audience."

Give the trailer a watch above, and catch the first two, uh, surprise gifts on Amazon October 12, with the rest of the eight-episode season rolling out every week after that. Get ready for a whole new reason to obsessively dissect the thematic relevance of costume design every week or whatever.

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