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That Breakdancing FBI Agent Is Somehow Getting His Gun Back

Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
July 11, 2018, 6:15pm

Last month, an off-duty FBI agent looking to blow off some steam at a Denver bar accidentally shot a guy after he threw a backflip on the dance floor, causing his handgun to fall from his waistband and fire into the crowd. Since then, 30-year-old Chase Bishop has been charged with second-degree assault, hasn't lost his job at the FBI, and is now getting his gun back, the New York Times reports.

On Tuesday, a judge awarded Bishop the right to continue to carry his firearm again, despite having sent bystander Tom Reddington to the hospital with a dumbass dance move. Bishop's lawyer argued that the FBI—still somehow his client's employer—strongly encourages all its agents to carry their service weapons while on- or off-duty. Since the prosecutors didn't object, the judge gave Bishop the OK.


You'd think the man Bishop shot in the leg wouldn't be too happy about that, but he's been surprisingly chill about the whole thing. Redding told ABC News he didn't blame Bishop for what happened. Maybe he's feeling generous after the bar, Mile High Spirits, offered him "complimentary drinks forever"—or, you know, maybe he's just a really nice guy.

According to CBS Denver, Colorado law prohibits anyone from carrying a gun if they're under the influence of alcohol, so Bishop was facing additional charges pending the results of his drug and alcohol test. But prosecutors said Tuesday they wouldn't go through with any additional charges after getting the results—despite a witness saying Bishop seemed like he "was drinking too much" that night.

According to CBS Denver, Bishop is considering a plea deal, and the FBI could still wind up suspending him or firing him at any time. For now, Bishop is allowed to roam the streets with a badge and a handgun, free to breakdance with a pistol in his waistband as much as he damn well pleases.

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