Laugh at This Very Un-Aussie 'Aussie Burger' at Canadian Maccas

“With a freshly cracked egg and smoky BBQ sauce, you’re in for a g’day.”
July 31, 2018, 1:43am
Screenshot via Twitter

Let’s just read that sentence again. “With a freshly cracked egg and smoky BBQ sauce, you’re in for a g’day.” And there it is. Everything you need to know about both the burger, and a Canadian marketing team’s very loose comprehension of Australian colloquialisms. I mean, if you consider that the term “g’day” is a conjunction of “good” and “day” then sure, it makes sense. But that still doesn’t explain the burger…


The burger came about on July 16 as part of Canadian McDonalds’ World Taste Tour promotion, which basically involved mangling all the world's different cuisines into burgers. There was a Chinese Szechuan Burger, and a Mexican Bacon Queso McWrap, before they finally brought out the Aussie BBQ & Egg Burger.

According to the site, the burger is “made with 100 percent Canadian beef,” which is a weird brag for a supposedly Australian beef product. It’s then layered with “a fresh cracked egg, crispy beet chips, processed cheese, leaf lettuce and a smoky BBQ sauce on a brioche-style bun.”

So there’s no pineapple. Or canned beetroot. There’s not even any of that unpleasant relish shit that you get on Aussie parmas. And there’s no bacon. Or baby spinach leaves, which are actually the most Australian thing ever. Or avocado. So it’s basically just got nothing to do with Australia, except for maybe the BBQ sauce, which is usually attributed to Texas.

And of course, none of these discrepancies escaped the Twitter police:

So there you go, Canada. My culture is not your hot-ticket McDonald’s menu item.