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Feel Good About Feeling Bad with Surf Dads' 'Long Weekend' EP

The depressingly fun Saskatchewan rockers are like if BoJack Horseman fronted Weezer.
Photo courtesy of the band

Expert hook writing and emo-tinted lyrics are the hallmarks of Surf Dads' music. The Canadian rock band from Saskatchewan bring their brand of depressive, paranoid lyrics set over sweet pop fuzz guitar on their latest Long Weekend EP, released through their own label Grind Central Records. Surf Dads frontman Gage McGuire and drummer Chris Dimas have a knack for making you feel good about feeling bad. We’ve been watching the two closely since last year when they broke out as one of the country’s most promising punk-rock bands.Their new four-song EP covers topics like heartache on “Liars” and loss on “All My Friends.” “Such a drain with you,” McGuire laments on “Such a Drain.”


“We made this record in Chris' basement again,” he wrote to Noisey in statement. “We've been working on a full length, and then we just kind of thought ‘let's put out something now!’ So, here it is! No breakfast themes. No dog themes [like on their last album]. Just four poppy rock songs that we are really excited about. We made this over the New Years break, I think we finished it in three or four days. I think with every album we find our sound a little bit more, and this one is a really cool middle ground between Summer Vacation and All Day Breakfast for me.” Stream Long Weekend below.

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