Here's The Video For Jimothy Lacoste's New Heater, "I Can Speak Spanish"

We're premiering the London boy wonder's latest right here, right now.

You could feel it couldn't you? In your fingers, and in your toes, as some wise men by the name of Wet Wet Wet once put it. There was a tingling, a feeling of warmth, a serenity that flooded your body, as soon as you awoke this morning. Somehow, you just knew.

You sensed, somehow, that you would arise from your slumber to something good. And here, young wanderer, you will find that something: "I Can Speak Spanish," a brand new track and video from your mum's favourite socially responsible rapper, Jimothy Lacoste—watch and hear it above.


The song sees Jimothy speaking Spanish—a language he speaks fluently, thanks to his own mum—on a track for the first time, alongside the matter-of-fact English flow ("'Hello how are you?' is 'Hola, como estas?' / I'd rather know a language than learn boring maths") that has won the hearts and liking fingers of Instagram and beyond. The video, meanwhile, sees Jimothy romancing a young lady with his inimitable and enviable suaveness, and, as he tells us over email, it was all shot around beautiful Bilbao in northern Spain.

"I wanted to shoot the video there because it's essentially where I grew up, so it felt important to show a bit of my roots on this track," he says. "The locations featured have all been the backdrop to my childhood, which included my auntie's house. Also it's not a bait part of Spain which I think makes it more of an interesting location." Fair play. He continues, "The landscape is really green and buff and the weather is nice but also can be quite moody as you're in the hills. Me on the beach in Barcelona or by the pool in Marbella wouldn't have been an honest representation."

A summer bop and a further glimpse at the man behind the clout glasses is an excellent combination, and "I Can Speak Spanish" delivers the goods. Plus, there are panpipes. Not sure what else you could possibly want on a song to be honest. Get into it immediately.

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