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Mitski is Back With a Very Dramatic Track and Video "Geyser"

If you can't be extra in your own music video, when can you be?

Saddos of the world assemble: Mitski – purveyor of emotionally destructive indie-rock – is back for a 2018 showing. She'll release her fifth LP, Be the Cowboy, on 17 August, and to get us nice and fired up, she's shared a new track and video, titled "Geyser," which you can see above.

The track features ominous organ sounds and Mitski's trademark sonic swell. When the percussion comes in the whole thing comes alive, and there are some added synth lines that make it particularly huge and dramatic. Mitski's lyrics – always gut-wrenching – echo the song's build, as she sings on the chorus "Though I'm a geyser / Feel it bubbling from below."

The video starts with her cutting a solitary figure on an abandoned beach and ends with her crawling on her hands and knees and hopelessly digging through sand. Perhaps a little extra, sure, but if you can't be theatrical in your own music video when can you be really? "Geyser" is only two-and-a-half minutes long, but already it feels like evolution since Puberty 2, and both the song and video make an exciting start for an album which might end up being one of the highlights of the year.

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