Pilla B Mobs With Hacktivist Lookalikes on "You Ain't Outside"

The Toronto rapper's first single from his debut album '1YTD' is menacingly booming.
May 15, 2018, 3:35pm

Rexdale rapper Pilla B dropped the poignantly banging Yung Dubz collab tabe 6 AM earlier this year, and now he's recently dropped his own solo album 1YTD. The name, which stands for "1 Year to Date," refers to the album coming out on the first anniversary of Yung Dubz' murder. Despite the heavy legacy that informs tracks like "War" ("If it's war, then it's war / cause you took my bro"), there's still time for songs like "You Ain't Outside," which just received a video.


The song itself is menacing, Pilla's taunting sing-song rising above an unfathomably heavy beat. The video is slightly tech-themed, with Instagram live chat bubbles adorning footage of Pilla hanging out with dudes in those Anonymous-associated Guy Fawkes masks. Watch the "You Ain't Outside" video above.

Phil is on Twitter.