Alex Ovechkin and the Caps Partied it Up in Las Vegas Last Night

The Washington Capitals made the most of being in Las Vegas while celebrating their Stanley Cup win.
Screen capture via Instagram/TSN

There's something particularly—how do I put this—"boozy" about hockey. It's a game played way up north in the dead of winter, and that involves a lot of pain, and so a nice cold beer sounds like a good pairing, even if you're just thinking about the sport.

Well, the Washington Capitals did plenty of drinking last night as they tore through Vegas, with Alex Ovechkin deservedly overhead-pressing the Stanley Cup for hours on end. The Caps' 4-3 Game 5 victory over the Las Vegas Knights sealed their first Stanley Cup in the team's 44-year existence. I suppose that if you're going to win an away game to clinch a final series, it's probably not a bad option for it to be in Vegas.


Things started out in the locker room to hilarious effect:

And then the Caps kind of jumbled the order of "Remix to Ignition" because after the party, it was the hotel lobby:

And then after the lobby, it was the after party, which duh, had to take place in a nightclub bumping EDM:

And then the obligatory drink from the Cup:

Are you supposed to leave this cup empty for some reason? Anyway, it seems like Ovi and the boys had a grand old time. Their cup runneth over.