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Here's Ellen Page Doing a Sad Acoustic Cover of Britney Spears' "Lucky"

I'm not sure "Lucky" was ever meant to be sad or acoustic, but here we are.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

In today's "stuff we didn't ask for but cool here it is" news: actress Ellen Page has recorded a video of herself covering Britney Spears' official Best Song (or second best, depending on how many "Everytime" heads you speak to), "Lucky." You can watch that up top, and you can click through here if you would like your memory of the masterful original jogged.

Now, I don't know about you, but I am not sure that "Lucky" necessarily needed an acoustic cover, performed with a contemporary dancer in the background. I think that probably, "Lucky" – a bastion of sad girl pop and the song which, upon its release in 2000, saw Britney find an as yet untapped emotional depth – was just fine as it was.

Though probably not the intention, this cover, with its moody lighting, and acoustic guitar, and cerebral dance, kind of gives off the sense of having 'added meaning' or 'authenticity' to the heartbreaking lyrics of Britney's song. Pop music is rarely thought of as #deep or emotionally rich because of its bright, bubbly context and its big, often artificial-feeling sounds, but with a song like "Lucky," which is literally about the artifice of celebrity and dealing with it, those pop sounds make total sense. And as great as Page's voice and playing is (definitely a little of the She & Him in there?), its sparseness and its low-key feel takes something away from the fundamental essence of the song - and that's a shame when the song is such a special one. Sometimes more is more, you know?

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(Image via Wikimedia Commons)