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Much of Aphex Twin's Catalog is Now Available in His New Online Shop

Get your heart’s fill of old albums, new music, and his various aliases.
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Don't count on Aphex Twin for a conventional news announcement. After last month launching a cryptic countdown that led to a live stream of his Field Day set in London, the English producer today launched an online shop and archive with a simple Tweet reading, "Open. Come in…" and a link.

The site offers much of Aphex's extensive catalog for streaming and sale, including many tracks labeled as "New"—some having popped up online over the years (such as "4xAtlantis take1"), while others are previously unreleased. Also included in the catalog are works by Aphex's various aliases including afx, Polygon Window, and GAK; as well as a digital version of the record he sold at Field Day, which is currently selling on Discogs for as high as $521.

Visit the site here. If you want a laugh, click on the purchase links (labeled "Cherish…"), which spout off cheeky comments including "Give money to afx," "Party transfer my wealth," and "I have to have this."