Enjoy Seven Most Played While You Still Can

Before SoundCloud croaks it, listen to new material by Fergus Clark, Eric Copeland, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.
July 14, 2017, 10:23am

The vultures are circling. Clouds are descending. The end times are nearly here everyone. You'll have seen by now, I'm sure, that everyone's favourite music streaming service, SoundCloud, is having a tricky time. So tricky in fact that even Theresa May is allowing herself a wry smile as she frantically refreshes ResidentAdvisor to see just how many days the orange behemoth has left.

You're probably a nervous wreck at the prospect of a world without SoundCloud because a world without SoundCloud is a world where THUMP UK's beloved Seven Most Played feature has to take on a slightly different form. What that looks like…well….we're not sure yet. You'll know when we do. Know this though: a feature as monumental as Seven Most Played won't slip into the quicksand of content. It can't. It simply can't.

Anyway, we'll worry about the future when we get there, because there's seven things you can listen to RIGHT NOW! On the tracks side, there's a riotous new single from former Black Dice weirdo Eric Copeland, Julius Steinhoff's given Telfort a very, very classy deep house rub down, Buchla-maestro Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith teased her new album with the luminous "An Intention", and the peerless Antinote dropped another oddball banger in the shape of "I Feel Rain" by 18 Rays. In the land of mixes, Fergus Clark, Finn Johannsen, and Heurco S reign supreme.

1. Eric Copeland - Neckbone

2. Telfort - Until Now (Julius Steinhoff Version)

3. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - An Intention

4. 18 Rays - I Feel Rain

5. Fergus Clark - Sanpo Disco 072

6. Finn Johannsen - Trushmix 107

7. Huerco S - Inverted Audio 250